“This melody is present everywhere, I can almost feel all that fear.”

Ontogeny of uncertainty is an interactive installation that explores ways of communicating between distant groups of organisms such as humans and green algae. Communication takes place through dynamic light and sound effects. The focus shifts from humans, as the dominant species, to the relationship between species. Through a speculative approach, the artwork examines the way in which humans and other species can survive on the planet.

Ontogeny of uncertainty explores a shift from an anthropocentric approach based on control, planning, prediction, and the utopian concept of certainty, to an approach consistent with the natural processes of uncertainty, instability, adjustment, and coexistence. In the future, Ontogeny of uncertainty is a unified form whose constituents are humans and green algae. It was created by particular adaptations of algae and people who, through mutualistic processes, began to provide each other with the necessary resources and established mutual communication and cooperation. The installation serves as a passage through which visitors can interact with a timeless hybrid form.