Nukleus is a specially designed hive for monitoring the behavior of the bees, their construction process and conditions in which the construction of the hive takes place.

The first aspect of the project is the structure that bees build and the processes that take place during construction. The second aspect is the conditions in which the construction process takes place and the influence of the parameters of weather conditions on behavior of bees and construction itself.

Instead of analyzing the finished structure, the goal of this project is to be able to monitor the forming of the structure at any given time, in relation to the surrounding conditions, therefore analyzing the behavior of the bees and their building process on a day-to-day basis, considering the bees to be some of the nature's best builders.



The Nukleus project was created as a continuation of an experiment that explores the principles of building by other types of builders in nature within the project "Building together - Building together".

This time, our wish was to have a more direct insight into the construction process and to enable others to participate in the experiment. By positioning the camera and sensors inside the hive, we use visual and numerical data to become closer to the bees. We connect with them by extrapolating the data and the synthetic approach. With the associative abilities of our mind, we bring ourselves to a better understanding; we try to feel the conditions, to compare the environment and the perception of space. Our goal is to see how bees, as highly organized social organisms, use space, how they change, adapt and regulate it. In the process, we can see the constant vibration of the space between organisms and the environment, to feel the movement of the unstable and thin border in both directions, to experience the efforts to maintain balance, struggle and intimacy, tension and harmony of ancient phylogenetic relationships.

The structure is a human-like “building” that has been modified to be inhabited by bees to complete construction on the structure. The construction of the "building" consists of steel wires coated with wax and in that way the structure is adapted to bees.

The structure is placed in a hive of special design that follows the shape of structure. The hive is equipped with technology that allows monitoring of events inside the hive:

The camera (Raspberry Pi NOIR camera) is positioned on the underside of the hive so that it captures the inside of the structure.

The Raspberry Pi 1 to which the Pi NOIR camera is connected takes photos every 15 minutes. That way, we can monitor progress in upgrading the structure and activities within the hive.

Sensors (two sensors for temperature and humidity, pressure sensor - DHT22 and Arduino pressure and temperature sensor) measure the values of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Raspberry Pi 2 to which sensors for temperature and humidity are connected - one inside and one outside the hive - and a sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure. The sensors are positioned inside the hive and outside the hive so that we can monitor the differences in parameter values. That way, we monitor how the bees regulate the internal conditions.

All data podaci - video documentation of events inside the hive and parameter values in the form of graphs - can be monitored at any time on this site. Follow live events in the hive. Download the data here

Our team consists of

Ana Todosijević

idea, concept development, design, modeling, coordination, production, data processing, logistics

Bojan Kenig

idea, concept development, coordination, production, data processing, logistics

Davor Pančić

idea, concept development, coordination,

Bojan Dragutinović

technical and technological solutions, programming, technical implementation, production, concept development

Aleksandar Kilibarda

programming, data visualization, information presentation

Filip Todosijević

production, technical execution, logistics

Miroljub Pančić i Radiša Obradović

beekeepers - professional consultations, technical assistance, hive supervision and maintenance, logistics

Tanja Todosijević

production, technical execution

Nikolina Donkor

production, technical execution, design

Radoslav Todosijević

professional consultations, assistance in technical performance, technical solutions

Zoran Bikicki

concept development, programming, information presentation


expert consultations



use of space, tools, use of machines and devices in testing, expert consultations
and always a cheerful mood. Special thanks to Milan Vesić - the host of the Makers Space



ELPLIN d.o.o.

Continuous support and cooperation, expert advice, permission to use tools, equipment, human resources and vehicles.


Miloš Nikolovski - professional consultations, production and technical performance.